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Krystal Kreek Toggenburg Kids

Krystal Kreek Toggs is offering top quality kids from our Toggenburg dairy goat herd for sale. The stock we sell is guaranteed to be fertile if given proper care by the buyer. A fifty dollar down payment will reserve a kid. This can be refunded or used towards another choice if the first choice is not born or does not meet standards. To avoid any problems, please makes a first and second choice. We will let buyers know up front if a breeding they choose is one we are especially interested in keeping a kid out of. Final payment is due at the time of pick up or prior to shipment. The buyer is responsible for any shipping and health costs.

Kids that are kept are removed at birth and started on heat treated colostrum and then fed pasteurized goat milk. Kids are generally weaned between 3-4 months granted that they are eating hay and grain well. They are fed the same 16% dairy feed that the milkers get. Hay is pushed more than grain thus promoting rumen development. Kids are also vaccinated.

This is the list of doelings we have retained from this year's crop. We want to thank everyone who purchased kids this year. In the past we have always kept about twenty doelings. We have decided to cut the numbers of both adults and kids to reduce the work load. We are excited about the kids we kept. Kids out of first fresheners will be $200 if picked up before one month of age and $300 and up afterward depending on the quality of the dam and sire. A $50 deposit will hold a kid for you. Please make at least two choices so you have a back-up. We reserve the right, as breeders, to retain any kid born. We do however have to keep our numbers down.

2011 Doelings

Allegra Accord Woody 2-28 B7
Athena Alexa Woody 3-06 B11
Alpha Centuria Finch Woody 3-03 B16
Bellatrix Finch Woody 3-03 B17
Flair Fjola Woody 3-21 B19
Saga Story Woody 4-01 B20
Sparkle Sequine Air Assault 2-29 B9
Grey Venus Vega Grey Goose 4-18 B25
Flight of Fancy Flirt Avatar 2-27 B6
Vanilla Sky Vanilla Bean Avatar 4-19 B29
Vanity Fair Vanity Draconus 3-04 B10
Florencia Francesca Draconus 5-23 B42
Leah Blanca Woody 3-01 B2

Visit our Does and Bucks pages to view our breeding stock. The Breedings page contains a chart of our recent breedings. Contact us by phone or email. Our contact info, location and address are found on the Contact page.

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