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June 18, 2012

Thank you for your interest in Krystal Kreek Toggs. We have been active in breeding, showing, milking and selling Toggenburg dairy goats since 1983. Our herd now consists of approximately 20 adults including 14 doelings and 5-7 bucks. In 1990 we established a grade B dairy and successfully shipped milk to Bongrain Cheese USA until 1998. We no longer ship milk but we are actively making several kinds of cheese which we and our family greatly enjoy. Our main focus continues to be breeding upstanding, long elegant Toggenburgs with good feet and legs and correct udders. To that end we have purchased quality sires who have moved the herd in that direction.

We have experienced good performance in both the dairy goat show ring and the milking parlor. We have not been able to participate in milk test fro several years due to cost and time constraints but are considering perfroming a owner test. Most years we have participated in appraisal and have found it to be very helpful in planning breedings  and improving the herd. Numerous Krystal Kreek dairy goats have earned their SG designations.

A full work schedules only has allowed us to compete in about four to five dairy goat shows a year. We have attended the 2003, 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2010 Nationals. Krystal Kreek Toggenburgs and their direct descendents have consistently placed in the top 10 at all these shows.

SGCH Cherry Glen Tristin Ayla 2*M (SGCH Krystal Kreek Wrevenge Amelia *M daughter) has been NGCH Toggenburg in 05-06-2009 and 2010. SGCH Krystal Kreek Wrevenge Amelia *M, who was sold as a yearling, was NGCH in 2007.  She had been shown at every Nationals from 2003 until 2007 and always placed in the top five or above. She also won the Dam and Daughter class each year and her daughter continue to win the Produce of Dam classes. At the 2006 Nationals we won National Reserve Juniot Champion with Krystal Kreek Doner Fleta.

In 2010 we showed five does and they placed sixth place or above. A doeling we sold was third place milking yearling. We have been excited and pleased with the success of Krystal Kreek Toogs and hope to continue in the same vein in the future.


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